Sunday, March 30, 2008

Things i hate

Second post! All this week i kept thinking what to post on blog. had a lot of ideas & just wrote'em in a file so that i could write it all. Though now i wont write what i planned :)

Why DeepThoughtYouAll?
Basically its just a play on 'Deep Throat'. Now whats that? All fellas who follow history & x-rated movies with equal elan wont find it difficult. ;).

Deep Throat was a pseudonym given to a person [whose identity was kept under wraps for quite long time ; it was W Mark Felt, FBI Director] who leaked information about President Nixon's administration's involvement in Watergate scandal. I m sure you are more interested in reading the other reference, you perv!.
More famous use of this term refers to vocal-chord development of a lovely lady called Linda Lovelace. She sought help from a gentleman called Harry Reems. Strange it didnt enter her head before, if you know what I mean ;). Any way, at the end of the movie, we are all greeted with a biblical message of 'Deep Throat You All!'. That's how.

Ya last week i left it at my dislikes. They outnumber my 'likes' like 4 to 1.

So many things piss me off!

Bollywood, IPL, Shakira, Lotus Notes, Waiting for buses, Guys who think wearing a garish, fake Ferrari or Lamborghini or Nike Tshirt with fake shades & faded paints & treating their 160cc bikes like Hayabusa bikes from Dhoom, Dhoom, Abhishek Bachhan, Amitabh Bachhan [yes! sadly! after making a re-entry in 1997, believe me, he has done only 3 roles which fit him perfectly: Black, Sarkar & Virudh, rest all is utter crap. I mean doing things like Sexy Sam or a legshaking, over-affectionate, cheesy grandpa/dad in most of his movies or worse, appearing in every other fuckin adverts really pisses me off. Like what he gonna sell next?? diapers?? Mala-D? That bad it is! Most of his adverts are so cliched now. Not to forget his unnecessary involvements with creepy scoundrel politicians of Uttar Pradesh, Raj Thackeray's favorite holiday spot:)], girls who like K--serials/shahid kapoor/every other cute looking faggo/falguni pathak songs/shaan/"chochweet" expressions/corny jokes/weddings & everything related with it/makeups/teddybears/(last one not applicable in Sudan), poor internet speed, bad english
[i hates it very much;)], people who are not aware of whats going on around/those who dont follow news at all, breaking news of aajtak & its other clone news channels, most of the channels, terribly-biased electronic media, people who keep their dandiya/Saawariya ringtones aloud, overhyped-oversmart-unsophisticated-sloggers like Shahid Afridi, Facebook & its so many fuckin clones & those pesky social networking-sites' invites as if i like my friends so much that i like to gawk at their lardhead faces every time i come on internet, boybands-girlbands, most of the radio-stations which feature a loud, blabbermouth bitches jockeying shittiest of songs; those funky-bhangra-electronica-jive songs that crop up like fuckin weed (not that weed) & poisoning our morning with every fuckin piece -of-shit gossip from bolly-fuckin-wood & all rotten contests with brain-damage-inducing-movietickets as prizes [wait! i NEVER listen to radio but maybe gym people think that could scare away fat cells in our bodies. Talk about boot camp!:| ], girls who think sporting a tee & jeans with a long, snaky plait would make them look cool & guys who will have schoolboy-haircut & wear Guevara t shirt & cargos, Saturdays in office, guys who listen to Slayer/Sabbath & then say that Titanic & songs from Jab We Met & that orgiastic- six-some lolly-gagging series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is their "faayvrate" just to impress girls nearby::WHAT are you showing off, assmunchs?, kareena kapoor, ALL of kapoor clan, clans & dynasties ruling every fucking where in our country, Nehru-Gandhi Party Unlimited Inc (aka Congress), Times of India, too many hyperlinks on a wikipage, item songs, Rakhi Sawant/Malaika Arora/all other golddigging gals, Oracle JDeveloper, machine coffee(closest one can get to (insertyourfavoriteanimal's)piss),over-zealous family planning ads emphasizing 'it' so much that will make you rather wanna have 'it' out there on streets, too much use of sms lingo: i mean 'wat da fuc is wrng wid dis mofos?', metro-sexuals...

(to be contd.)

Quote for the week: "i wanna get organazized."


pulkit singhai said...

dont you ever..... ever write against my Rakhi "drama" Sawant. Indian informative media, and me, would have suffered a chronic boredom had she not been arnd..... appreciate the multi colored (f)arts of the lady :)......

Megan said...

hey you forgot the word "cute" and i also hate how the radio has retarded gossip about the actors/actresses. they should just play frikin music...

Nirmal Simon said...

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