Sunday, April 6, 2008

Things I REALLY Hate

On a more serious note, there are things that i feel repulsed at.
One of them are those god-bashers. I cant stand people who hate God unreasonably. Now! First of all reason CAN NOT explain God. Rather God cant be explained. God cant be explained. God can be felt. God is about faith.
And thats the problem with these smartasses:they think their heads full of lard cant stand something thats "unreasonable", "blind", "illogical" faith. This is unacceptable. Okay time for clarifications:

1. Atheists are not unacceptable. You dont want to go to temple, dont want to bow your head, no problem. Sadly i have come across a couple of maggot-heads who curse God. They use the filthiest language, heresy, blasphemy! A stupid friend gave a vicious outpouring against God. From that time, i harbor contempt for that poor soul.

2."I am no bible-thumping, sermon-preaching guy who attends Mass every sunday!". I am a Hindu. To me that translates as " I am no Gita-quoting guy who works in a temple."
By the way, I am a priest by caste/birth. But that association ended very soon. Ended because if i dont follow the rules that should be followed by priests/Brahmins, then I have no right to be 'revered' as one.Casteism in India is a touchy issue & it has been complicated further by short-sighted, blood-sucking politicians. I'd like to say one thing about it: being born in a warrior/priest/workers caste dont really make you one. You become. Its 'conditioning' rather than 'inherent'.Many people in my country from different castes have voluntarily, happily gone on to choose their profession.And i am proud of those who braved the dogmatic,opposing forces that came in their way. I really want more such things to happen so that this caste-based discrimination (also ) is totally done away with. Sadly in our country, even after 60 years of independence, caste-based politics still rears its ugly head everywhere.

I digressed a little (or more?) but the point i was driving home about is God shouldnt be attacked. The concept, the belief of God is too gigantic, too irrefutable to be challenged. Problem i think lies with 'institutionalized religion.' Thats such a big topic that demands separate blog posts.

All said & done,i wont be quoting from sacred texts to make you 'think' & believe in God. You be okay with whatever you think. Just dont open your potty-mouth against Him.

Sycophants Rather i'd spell it as "sicko-phants" Its that sick really.Bootlicking your way to the top is no way, dude. You kiss many things in between. Over-polite, servile behavior makes me kinda bash that guy to pulp. No! That would, actually be killing a spineless man! Stop fawning, you c**ksucking lackey!
"you can act like a man!!" Remember how Don Vito shook the hell out of Johnny Fontaine; its like that.

Blabbermouths! You are given two ears & a mouth. Use them in that proportion. Too much yapping to me seems like you are still just one generation after apes. Keep quiet!.Peace out!

Poor language.Hindi or English, not knowing grammar, taking pride in it & keep on talking/pontificating is quite a treat to listen to. Really. I have come across people (hey dont think i meet low-lifes but then) who have spoken like this
P (name of a person)will came now only.
<---------------------silence due to shock-------------------------------------->
He wanted to say 'P has come just now', though he spiced up a little by using all three tenses in one sentence.
I follow whatever this dude speaks now, out of morbid curiosity. He takes language to new low levels everyday.

Worse are those people who know a little & then start speaking pompous, pontificating, pretentious language.Smart alecks!There is no better & effective language than simple language. KISS! Keep It Short & Simple. At least simple, if you cant be like 'Silent Cal'[US president Calvin Coolidge was famous for his laconic witty replies].
NOW when i say this, i dont mean at all that I am a grammar god. I make mistakes (and i hate myself for that). But what constitutes a healthy attitude is to learn & rectify: by listening, reading & most importantly keeping quiet !
There are two parts of wisdom.One: having a great deal to say. Two: not saying it.

All this said & done, I am not a very stiff about these things. After all, it takes all sort of people to make the world. Also to mess up.

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Megan said...

You know, a lot of people talk with worse grammar skillz than that here in the South....